Hey everyone, I wanted to share a really important cause with you all. The American Foundation for Suicide Prevention is an amazing organization doing incredible work to spread suicide awareness and help those struggling with mental health issues. They are currently partnering with us to raise funds and awareness, and we need your help! Even just one dollar can make a difference in someone’s life. Please consider donating to this cause and sharing our posts with your friends and family. Together, we can make a real impact and help save lives. Thank you for your support, and the fact that proceeds will go directly to AFSP. SPPBKM – Save A Life

“Let’s Spread Suicide Awareness Like It’s Violence”

Help is available through many sources on the web, you are not alone. If you or someone you know is in crisis call or text the Suicide & Crisis Lifeline at 988.

Please Donate Proceeds Go To The American Foundation for Suicide Prevention

Positive Growth

SPPBKM is a social Mental Health Company and Suicide Prevention looking to make a difference regarding the whole spectrum of Mental Health. SPPBKM, which stands for Suicide Prevention Presented By Kevin Meyer. Like most Mental Health Company’s, we will continuously provide information about Mental Health, whether it is the diagnosis, triggers, coping skills, healthy checklists, inspirational quotes, and suicide awareness and how to prevent it. We also are affiliated with other companies, and the notable musician finds, like other hobbies, music is therapeutic. Kevin Meyer, the founder, is a new advocate already involved heavily. Through the press, Meyer will discuss awareness and his reason for such passion for Suicide Prevention. He also is involved with legislators and critical political people who create suicide prevention through government and budgets. However, like other companies, our company will always provide services but with your help.
You can save a life using the technology we all have in our hands. Please help by using your phone on social media, something we did not have years ago, and sometimes we take it for granted. Be a part of SPPBKM even if you can’t afford to donate; we ask that you download and share one of our posts. Yes, donations are essential; we all must contribute to keeping mental health companies and the services we have for help going. Regardless of your gift, don’t forget to post and share with others, which makes a difference. We should be aware that mental health is just like physical health but is sometimes not viewed the same. There are so many mental health companies, services, youtube channels, and more, but suicide is a significant part of mental health. It is also the main reason for death year after year. Although it’s become more recognized similarly, it’s also undervalued globally. SPPBKM is about spreading awareness to help prevent suicide attempts. The music artist and icon is an advocate, has memberships with multiple organizations, has plans and is committed to participate in yearly suicide walks. He is aware of financial struggles, and because of the economy, he has organized a free membership for you to become an advocate as well. Read more about how you can build rewards earned for merchandise and chances to win free giveaways. Please donate today and use one of our social media suicide awareness posts. Just download, share, and help save a life.

Please Donate Now Proceeds Go To AFSP

We’re proud to anounce we have partnered for this fundraiser which includes a Suicide Walk scheduled mid july the location is:

Washington, DC

The SPPBKM Organization is all possible due to the NY Music Artist Kevin Meyer, who became most notable after opening for many MTV and Billboard Artists. Meyer was also a part of the Vans Warped Tour in 2012, performing with All Time Low, Machine Gun Kelly, G-Eazy, Mod Sun, Taking Back Sunday, Yellowcard, The Used, Senses Fail, amongst others. Through all this, he established fame as a solo artist performing in the tri-state area with famous artists, touring the States, and his music releases. He has also worked professionally alongside indie and mainstream drummers with big-name producers in the studio. His discography consists of four extended plays and one remix. The 34-year-old star is now on i-Heart Radio, Pandora, Vevo, and more. Even with success, mental health still got in the way, and he started to suffer from suicidal tendencies, eventually leading up to a suicide attempt. He has recovered and begun writing again for his upcoming EP Detached and double-album called To Hell And Back. To help spread awareness through multiple forms of press, including radio, television, online articles, interviews, podcast, and YouTube channels. Meyer also has plans to spread awareness about suicide prevention by reaching out to celebrities he’s worked with and many other prominent stars he hasn’t worked with.


Take Me Home (2009)

Places We Belong (2012)

Let It All Out (2014)

Four (2017)

Take Me Home – The Remixes (2019)

Credits on Discogrophy

Mario Salvati – P/M (Blondie, Beverly Hills Soundtracks, Bob Dylan, Debby GIbson)

Mike Watts – P/M (As Tall As Lions, The Dear Hunter, Glassjaw, Iron Man 3 Soundtrack, Story Of The Year)

Nick Crescenzo (Drummer of The Dear Hunter)

Steven Haigler – P/M (Brand New, Fuel, Pixies, All American Hi-Fi, Scream 3 Soundtrack)

Atom Willard (Drummer of Against Me, Rocket From The Crypt, The Offspring, Angels And Airwaves, and more)

Live Credits

Machine Gun Kelly, All Time Low, Mod Sun, Taking Back Sunday, New Found Glory, Yellowcard, Transit, Senses Fail, The Used, Hawthorne Heights, Mark Rose of Spitafield, Adam Lazaro and John Nolan of TBS, John Walker of Panic! At The Disco, Teddy Geiger, Ryan Cabrera, Kris Roe of The Attaries, Delesa, Trace Cyrus of Metro Station, and many more.

Involuntary Hiatus / Suicide Attempt

Between 2017 and 2020, Meyer suffered from poor mental health and became suicidal, which led to a gap or hiatus from his music career. Three weeks before his suicide attempt, the NY native wandered the train station while suffering from suicidal tendencies, which did not go away. He wanted to die and remained at the train station looking for an exit for days into weeks. On March 30, 2020, he attempted suicide at his home by consuming a combination of prescription pills and setting fire to his home after barricading the doors.

Founder of SPPBKM

After Meyer’s 2020 Suicide Attempt at his Long Island Home he began writing about the events leading up to the attempt. With little to know help he struggled to find his way back and wanted to help others who suffer from suicidal tendencies and mental health. He was already invoving these areas and then adressed it away from his music which evolved into Suicide Prevention Presented By Kevin Meyer known proffesionaly as SPPBKM.

Comeback Records

Detached EP and To Hell And Back LP (Writing and Pre-Production)

Please Donate Proceeds Go To The American Foundation for Suicide Prevention

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All SPPBKM Advocate Members Will Recieve An Electronic E-Signed Poster From Musician Kevin Meyer. Also, other rewards include used guitar picks, set list, promotional live posters, free mp3’s, signed cd, 3 pack KM Buttons, wristbands, signed poster, previous ticketmaster tickets signed, detached KM guitar pick. tshirts, and more.


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